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7 Answers About Our Firm

Public relations is one of the most diverse fields out there. For your potential clients, picking a public relations agency is a big decision. They are making a major investment in a company that will directly affect their future business. PR agencies get a vast number of questions from potential clients or people wanting to learn more about the industry. You can ask 10 different agencies the same questions and you will get 10 different answers, not one agency thinks the same. Some common questions we have answered are…


We have a fresh and energetic approach, leveraged with extensive experience and an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by a desire to solve problems with creative solutions. We work to identify trends that will affect your company’s ability to compete by influencing public perception about your products, services or initiatives. 

We specialize in strategic communications and digital marketing communications that include social media marketing, crisis communication and management, reputation management, corporate communications and government relations. 

We are a lean company with excellent bandwidth and highly responsive to clients.


We have been seeing that the public relations industry is quickly evolving, and the traditional practices of PR have decreased. Many companies have developed and have found new ways to handle their marketing, advertising and public relations themselves, which was completely unheard of about 10 years ago. In today’s digital takeover, almost every agency is repositioning itself to fit the digital demands we have today. PR firms must be proactive and dynamic due to the wide variety of media platforms available. Not only have PR firms changed, but so have client expectations. Many businesses and organizations do not have social media knowledge, skills, trends, and an understanding the importance of creating online content. The future of public relations and marketing communications is about sharable content and finding new and fun ways to engage their clientele’s audience. The days where PR firms stick strictly to PR work is gone. Social media is not going away, it will only increase overtime, and it is the future of public relations. 


After working as a staffer in the Congress, our founder caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided become an independent public relations practitioner that worked for the State of California on infrastructure projects and a brand campaign and decided to build a business in the Central Valley, but serve clients anywhere. 

After a few years working in the field of public relations, Darren decided to develop a public relations agency and utilize his unique background in government, communications, campaign consulting and social media marketing. He then sought to bring onboard digital assets and hip Millennials who understand the shared economy perspective, and thrive in the use of digital technology and platforms. Most people under the age of 40 get their news from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, many people use Facebook to research a product and get their friend’s recommendations on a purchase decisions. 


The industry of public relations has been vastly affected by the shift to a digital and connected culture. As a company, you need to be pro-active on almost all major social media channels; Facebook just doesn't cut it anymore as the only social media channel for a company and firm. If a strategy you implement does not use any social media channels, you have become behind the times in our current digital society. For PR firms, everything is now about reputation and increased credibility, because both are critical to help promote your company. PR firms need to accept and adopt forward thinking and the changing field so they aren't left behind.


With traditional and non-traditional media, there are many major differences. What we are seeing now is more non-traditional media, like social media, taking the place of traditional media. Before social media became the focus on how to engage your audience, traditional media or advertising was the go to for all companies. Traditional media is a large outlet you're exposed to everyday. Television, radio and magazines are the most common forms of traditional media channels. You read the newspaper during breakfast with your morning cup of coffee, you see that billboard as you're driving to work, you hear that ad on the radio every day at 7:30 in the morning. That is how traditional media has implemented its way into your daily lifestyle. Did this really build a brands trust though? Or was it just bombarding you, the consumer? Traditional media is meant to broadcast your message to as many people as you can, over a variety of channels. 

Social media has changed the way marketing is done. Marketing is strategic, effective, and, cheaper. With social media, you as a brand are able to target a specific group of people— like 50-year-old middle aged men who live in L.A interested buying a Harley—versus traditional media, which tries to target as many people as it can as fast as it can. With social media, you can gain trust over time. The consumer is given an opportunity with non-traditional media, to learn everything about your product before they buy it. With this, you can also get feedback and questions from your customers through social media channels about your product or service. Social media gives you multiple outlets to market yourselves efficiently and effectively, while monitoring the reach you have in the market. In the end, making the switch from traditional media to social media can have a big impact on your company. But don’t sweep traditional media completely under the rug, keep it in the back of your mind. 


As a firm, we rely heavily on results and are client focused. We integrate our strategy to fit your organizations mission, needs and business model and goals. In a very competitive business environment, we work with your team to develop effective communication and marketing strategies that are monitored and evaluated. As a client you will never be in the dark, we can communicate with you almost everyday if need be. We care about you and want the best outcome; we put your goals first. 


We firmly believe that constant communication should be the foundation of our relationship. We value your feedback, and will always be in contact about something we will be doing, or what new strategy we come up with. The two-way communication flow will also provide valuable feedback to assess and evaluate the success of your strategic communication objectives. Your goals and reputation are our primary focus, and there is no better way than keeping constant contact with you to ensure your satisfaction. 

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