Rose Strategic Communications


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Areas of Service


Government relations 

RSC specializes in issue management before local, state, and federal government. Our goal is to engage, inform and ethically influence the process to achieve client goals.

We will build and maintain a strong reputation for our clients before the community and government. We strive to find win-win outcomes with internal and external stakeholders.

We have extensive experience in grassroots organization and mobilization, and public education initiatives.


Social Media Marketing

We help companies and organizations establish and build a social media presence to help promote a product or service they offer. We help them gain traffic and attention on all major social media
platforms, while also building and spreading brand awareness.



Community Outreach/
Public Involvement

Community outreach is a vital component of an effective and influential stakeholder engagement strategy. The purpose of outreach is to build trust between the client and its stakeholders. RSC is effective in developing community partnerships, shaping public perception, influencing opinions, mobilizing grassroots campaigns, and creating traditional and digital outreach campaigns to achieve client goals. RSC has extensive experience in EIR/ EIS scoping practices and environmental justice outreach process for infrastructure projects. Additionally, we have experience in developing and managing business and residential impact mitigation programs for construction projects. 

Digital Marketing 

We create a competitive advantage for businesses with the development of its branding, social business, and internet platforms, to engage customers and clients with an authentic narrative, creative content, graphic design, and video.

·       Digital advertising campaigns
·       Website design and management
·       Print design and advertising brochures
·       Social Media marketing
·       Social business
·       Google AdWords and Bing
·       Graphic Design
·       Video Production
·       Copy writing
·       Online Review enhancement

Crisis Management Solutions

We live in a 24/7 news-cycle and in a hyper-connected and transparent world.

A crisis management and communications plan will provide the confidence to prepare for the unknown and identify potential issues and risks to your organization.

We have consulting agreements with former law enforcement and cyber security experts that understand complexity and risk. We will work with your organization to develop a tailored crisis management solution.


Services include:

  • Message development and targeted communication
  • Stakeholder and influencer mapping and identification
  • Digital communication channel development and management
  • Grassroots organization and mobilization
  • Plan and coordinate community meetings & events
  • Develop direct mail and outreach notices
  • Media planning and outreach


Through traditional and innovative digital public relations methods, we design public relations plans specific to your organization’s needs and aligned with your mission statement. We facilitate communication and feedback with stakeholders, customers and the news media. In today’s hyper connected world, we must continuously scan the external environment to manage emerging issues and mitigate risk to preserve value.

We have developed branded hashtag campaigns, initiative campaigns, and digital advocacy programs.


Reputation Management 

Your brand and reputation are your most valued assets. Brand and reputation are central to an organization’s relationship with its customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Reputation will attract and retain high caliber employees.

Our principals have extensive experience in building, promoting and protecting client reputation. Your reputation and brand are central to valuation.

The approach is modern, digital, and responsive. We possess software and online racking services to monitor and respond to issues real time, from poor reviews to promoting your success we utilize our technical savvy and know how to protect and build your brand and reputation.